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The Amazing Game of the Ancient European Trails is a Comenius 2013-15 Multilateral Partnership project, inserted in the European LLP Program (Lifelong Learning Program) and financed by the European Union.

Oversized numbers, huge collaboration, great outcomes. And more!

Even if the funding was intended for the mobilities of 106 pupils and 86 teachers, a total amount of 120 teachers and 143 pupils from eight countries were involved in the mobilities to attend the eight project meetings and its  study visits. A brief estimation of the members of each school community involved -parents, teachers, peers of the pupils, local and educational authorities…- but not travelling may multiplies the impact of the project into more than of one thousand people around Europe.

Overwhelming attendance in the project meeting organised by Istituto Comprensivo Giovanni XXIII of Isernia, Italy

These oversized numbers and the many learning outcomes, planned or unplanned in the initial stage of the project,  and the many lasting results make the Amazing Game of the European Trails one of the most successful Comenius projects in all of the European Union concerning exploitation of the EU funds, cultural exchanges and number of mobilities.

Join our adventure!

The aim of the AGAET project is to answer the following question:

Is it possible to design a game to be played in the classroom of different subjects, different ages and different european educational systems?

The motto is The Game of the Goose and the traditional trails  of Europe. The Game of the Goose is a traditional desk game born in Greece/Turkey based in the Phaistos Disk and spread by the Spanish Habsburgs in the XVI Century by all Europe. Every western european country has it own version of the Game of the Goose adapting the same rules. The traditional transnational trails like the Way of Saint James are a symbol of the exchange and links of people, goods and ideas among all of the countries of Europe.

The project lasted two years (from September 2013 to July 2015) involving Romanian,  Spanish, Turkish, Polish, British, Italian, Greek and Belgian schools to create a game based on traditional/transnational trails which doubles in a digital and a living size version, suitable to be used in different classes and subjects. We applied mostly Problem Based Learning methodology to do the activities in the classroom. We gathered a sample of the most representative lesson plans and observations done in the different countries in a methodology miniguide available for everyone. A comprehensive collection of all the lesson plans using Problem Based Learning and regular teacher-driven classes methodologies is as well freely available in this website.

International acknowledgement for a successful project.

The Scoala Gimnaziala nr. 5 of Vaslui of Romania scored first in the national contest Made for Europe for EU projects

The Erasmus+ Project Results Platform awarded our project as one of the very few examples of both good practice and a success story in school’s associations after evaluation. The Erasmus+ Project Results Platform project card can  be visited by clicking this link.

This is a brilliant closure for three years full of hardwork and gleeful moments, but the good results of our collaboration started from the very initial planning of the application form and remain even two years later.

The Amazing Game of European Trails Comenius project scored the best in the Comenius proposal call of Spain, Romania, and among the best in the other country partners. The Etwinning website The International Workshop has been awarded with a label of quality in the UK and the project won the national contest of EU projects Made for Europe -watch here the gallery- in the month of May in Bucharest, Romania. The Spanish regional government of Catalonia acknowledges the project publishing our link in its official website as one of the very few examples of good practice.


The successful development of the project is fully available in this website as e-portfolio, and many of the ideas and activities uploaded here are very useful in the classroom to develop the European awareness and the English as foreign language as subject or in CLIL approaches to other subjects like Art, History or Technologies, among others.

Most of the exchanges have become into longlife friendships, proposals of future projects, exchanges and professional collaboration. It is not a measurable outcome, but it is possible to get the feeling from the different pictures of this website and a glance on our Gallery.

You can even play the game if you download and install its electronic version in a windows computer. Do you want to join our game?

Information release:

We are very proud to communicate that the Erasmus+ KA219 project Heroes, Castles, Legends and CLIL Gamification approved in the 2016 application is the sequel of The Amazing Game of the Ancient European Trails. The team of secondary school teachers is applying the learnings of AGAET about innovative approaches to foreign language/CLIL teaching in the new project and improving them in a second opportunity.


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